​Free Monitoring service: Characteristics & Specifications

What is Free Monitoring service for?

A Free Monitoring service helps customers to check different aspects of their applications, networks, websites, and computer systems. Monitoring constantly is very helpful to keep your online business running without problems. Issues detection, diagnosis, and prevention work their best with a monitoring service. Some free services include reporting or alerting features, so the system contacts you to report the issues.

Characteristics of Free Monitoring service

There are different Free Monitoring services on the market. They have differences among them, more or fewer features and capabilities. Generally talking, some common characteristics of Free Monitoring services include:


This is an obvious but important characteristic of Free Monitoring services. The benefit is not minor, especially if you consider medium and small-size businesses and organizations which operate with limited budgets.


It depends on the service you use, but some Free Monitoring services are open-source. That represents a big advantage because you can customize them making them suitable for the specific needs of your business.

​Community support

Specifically, open-source monitoring services have already built large communities of users who actively collaborate in the development and testing of the monitoring service. Besides, they support users in understanding issues and fixing them.


Some Free Monitoring services can grow together with your business needs, at least to a very decent point. Paid services are more robust, but free ones can be enough for different businesses. 

​Easy to use

Most Free Monitoring services’ design is friendly orientated, so users can easily set them up and use them. You can use them without being an expert, but if you are, you can make the best out of them.

Some Free Monitoring services can offer limited features. Choose the best for your needs. Then you can know if the number of devices to check or the data retention period is enough or not. Also, check if the service includes alerting or reporting features.

Free monitoring service specifications

There are several types of Free Monitoring services available with different specifications.

​Infrastructure monitoring

It monitors the general performance of infrastructure components like storage, memory, CPU, and network.

​Application monitoring

This service checks the overall performance of applications and services. For instance, resource usage, response times, and error rates.

​Server monitoring

This service monitors not only the performance but availability of servers (CPU and memory usage, network traffic, uptime, and disk space).

​Website monitoring

It checks the performance, SSL, page load times, and uptime of websites.

​Network monitoring

It allows to monitor of network devices (firewalls, routers, switches, servers) to ensure their correct functioning and connectivity and that the data travels around the network without problems. 

​Cloud monitoring

It checks the usage, storage, and performance of resources based on the cloud, virtual machines included.


Monitoring every detail of your online business functioning is essential to avoid risking your income due to failures, overloads, or downtime. Free Monitoring services are a good choice and a great beginning before migrating to a paid service.

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