3 great DNS monitoring services [List]

Today we will explore the importance of DNS monitoring services for every business security strategy. So, that means we will explore exactly which are the best ones for your company’s needs. But first, let’s explain briefly what DNS monitoring is.

DNS monitoring: Explanation

DNS monitoring is an essential component of your network monitoring system. Its goal is to ensure visitors can access the website or service they see safely and reliably. In conclusion, DNS monitoring is the process of monitoring all Domain Name System (DNS) events to ensure good performance.

DNS monitoring is very useful for quickly discovering problems, spotting potential security breaches, and stopping malicious assaults. It necessitates locating DNS outages and regularly checking DNS records for unexpected changes. If an issue is discovered that could harm your website or business, it can then be rectified right away.

List of the best 3 DNS monitoring services

1. SiteUptime

SiteUptime is the first on our list. As part of their free subscription, you will receive one monitor, allowing you to monitor only one website. If there is any outage, you will be notified via email, and the checks are carried out every 30 or 60 minutes. At the end of the month, you also get a summary report. There are 11 monitoring stations for SiteUptime throughout the world. This is sufficient for the majority of users to ensure that their website is always accessible.

2. ClouDNS

ClouDNS is the next super important provider on our list. GeoDNS, Anycast DNS, and DDoS Protected DNS are all offered by this internationally Managed DNS company. For both large and small organizations, it provides both paid and free plans. One monitoring check is permitted under the Free Monitoring Plan, and limitless checks are allowed under the Premium DNS Plan (if you choose the enterprise plan). It also has roughly 80 monitoring stations spread out over the globe.

The monitoring intervals are 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 minutes. Therefore, you will get seven days of log retention if you use the ClouDNS DNS Monitoring service. Additionally, this DNS Hosting provider provides live chat assistance every day of the week, round the clock.

3. Uptrends

The last one from our list is uptrends. It is a website monitoring platform for organizations of all sizes, assisting you in keeping track of your whole web business. It enables you to keep an eye on essential records, including A, AAAA, SOA, TXT, and MX. With its 184 regional checkpoints, you can immediately identify any regional difficulties and gain a worldwide understanding of your network’s performance. Unfortunately, this business offers only paid subscriptions, starting at $16.21/month. The monitoring intervals are between 1-60 minutes. And if something goes wrong (DNS outage, DNS spoofing, etc.), you will be notified via SMS, email, and push (mobile apps).


In conclusion, Domain Name System monitoring needs to be a vital component of any company’s defense plan. It aids in safeguarding the infrastructure and online visibility of the business by identifying and stopping threats.

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